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Pension Reviews 

Do you know the value of your Pension? 
Do you know what your annual pension will be worth? 
Would you like to get a FREE Pension Review by a Pension Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). 
It is known that almost half of all adults are failing to save enough money to fund their retirement, and many of those who are saving have little idea how large their pension pot would need to be in order to provide them with the retirement income that they are hoping for. With annuity rates currently at an all time low this situation is getting worse. 
The Blue Horizons Group now offer a FREE Pension Review to look at all your pension arrangements both frozen and current to provide a range of options for your consideration. 
Lets face it, many company schemes are in trouble. Many companies are struggling to cope with the burden placed on them by unsustainable company pension schemes. So if so many pension funds based on stock market performance are performing so badly, with the added possibility that company pensions are not as safe as you might imagine, then what alternatives do you have? You do still need to save for your retirement after all. 
Firstly start with our FREE Pension Review, we will arrange a full review of your pension arrangements. A Pension Specialist will then provide full review of your arrangements and some possible options if applicable. 
Don’t gve up on your pensions just yet – they are still a very tax efficient way of saving and investing for your future. 
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