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Welcome to the Blue Horizons Group 
 Many people are now finding things difficult  
 Do you struggle with your Credit Cards and Loan repayments?  
 Finding your income does not go far enough?  
 We offer specialist help to make things easier  
Are You finding your monthly credit payments difficult? 
The Blue Horizons Group is a national group of experienced financial consultants who believe passionately in finding solutions to financial problems. As a broker we have sourced a range of companies to provide helpful solutions. We look to solve debt issues which are now affecting a majority of the population in todays difficult climate. We do not judge just present a range of possible solutions to the situation with a view to helping to solve it. 
Typically we look at two areas – these being your credit arrangements such as credit, store cards, loans and catalogue payments and how we can possibly improve them to enable you to have more money back in your pocket. 
Additionally we then also look to find any monies you may be owed for financial products you have or purchased in the past. There has been many changes in recent years regarding these products and you may find you are owed a return on the investment. 
Further we can arrange to review your pension(s) for the future which we can now arrange for Free. This can help you plan for your future. 
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